Crystal Healing: Diverse Effects of Metaphysical Jewelry

Smoky Quartz, Heliodor, Turquoise, Moldavite, Amber, Iolite, Moonstone and Peridot … these are a few of our favorite jewelry stones!
Viv and Linda discuss their jewelry and the diverse metaphysical benefits they have experienced from these beauties.

This video includes:
Smoky Quartz for grounding and steady change
Heliodor for sense of self
Turquoise for visiting the spirit dimension
Moldavite for a protective screen
Amber for soothing the third eye and protection from bombardment
Iolite for getting in touch with spirit guides
Moonstone for water and hormonal balance

Credits Presenters: Vivien Schapera and Linda Ruhe
Photographer: Neil Schapera
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This is the last video of our metaphysical jewelry series.