Crystal Healing Demo: Exploring the Properties of Different Crystals and Formations, Platonic Shapes

So now you’ve got a crystal collection — what can you do with all these beauties? This tutorial demonstrates Vivien’s procedure for exploring the answers to that very question! This demo was made in response to a student’s question regarding platonic shapes. This is what the student asked:
“Platonic Shapes: I just ordered healers gold (combination of pyrite and magnetite) as you well know. I do have a set in shungite and piccaso Jasper. Shungite only the 5 shapes and other 2 all 7 shapes.
I know how to use them to detect aura blockage. Meditate with them.
But I would like to learn how to use them in healing work on the body. Why I order the healers gold, for some reason I can picture in mind the use on the body. Is this even possible?
I can not find info in how to use/work with them on the body, only general information. Yes I could place them in chakra order, but then how to proceed from there. I am asking, if and/or when you have time if you can do a demonstration or even a short tutorial on this topic.”

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Textbook: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery — available for purchase on the website
Contact: Via the form on the website