Crystal Healing: Demo of Energy Field

The Energy Field … or Aura … does it really exist?
In Energy Healing and Crystal Healing, we talk about the Energy Field as the force field that surrounds each one of us.
In this exercise, Viv and Mary Beth demonstrate what happens when the Energy Field is disrupted, and then again, what happens when the integrity of the Energy Field is restored.

Vivien begins by demonstrating Mary Beth’s resting strength, using a very rudimentary form of Applied Kinesiology. When Vivien attempts to depress Mary Beth’s arm, Mary Beth tests strong. Then Vivien deliberately ruffles up Mary Beth’s energy field, and tests Mary Beth’s strength again. They are both so surprised at the astonishingly clear effect of the disruption, that they can’t control their laughter!

After they’ve composed themselves, Vivien restores Mary Beth’s energy field and tests again. Indeed, Mary Beth’s strength is restored. Of course, disruption of our Energy Fields, is only a laughing matter if we are aware of the possibility and know how to take care of such disruption. Otherwise, we can really be at the mercy of dynamics that can challenge our energy fields.
In future videos we will suggest a few measures that can be taken to protect our energetics. Explore these experiments at home with a friend — you will be pleased with how much you can discover.