Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery: How to do an Energy Reading


Wondering how to read energy? This is a demonstration of how to do a general reading of the condition of the energy field or aura. Remember that the act of doing the reading will alter the energy dynamics, so bear this in mind, and sequence the reading accordingly. Allow the adjustments to take place in response to the evaluative techniques. This is like tidying a messy room – if you’re picking up an object to look at it, you may as well put it in its place before moving on.
1. Choose the proxy crystal. Ask “Who wants to be the proxy crystal for… ?” and I say the person’s name as I visualize her in my mind’s eye – what I call the “mind screen.”
2. Now that the proxy has connected with the client, I note which aspects of the proxy crystal catch my eye.
3. Check the feel of the outermost layer of the energy field, using a feather. I like to use a feather because it has similar properties to the energy field. I’m looking for a smooth, knitted together sensation – just like a feather. I’m looking to see whether there are any breaks in the field – that would be the equivalent of the barbs, barbules and hooks of the feather splitting apart – that can be mild, medium or severe. I’m using a combination of kinesthesia and visualization on the mind screen.
4. While I’m checking the outermost layer, I’m also tuning in to the client and checking general vibrational frequency: is this client calm and even? Too fast – agitated/anxious? Too slow – depressed/sluggish. Remember that it is possible (and frequent) to be both too fast and too slow in alternating waves.
5. Assess the chakras. You can use a pendulum initially. With experience, you can evaluate this via your own kinesthetic awareness. I like to use a long slender wand, and go by feel. I’m assessing size, shape, pace and match with the other chakras.
6. Assess the cording. Use the general de-cording technique and de-cord the client, noting quantity, thickness, depth and ease of removal. If there is old cording that has hardened into webbing, make a note that an extraction is needed. Pull back cording from self to others as well, when indicated.
7. Assess the energy field’s dynamic with regard to the White Light/Negativity axis. I use a slender quartz laser for the White Light and small pewter phurba for the negativity. I do V-Gridding and check to see which tool is getting the stronger reaction. If the phurba is getting the stronger reaction, then a detox of negativity is required, make a note.
8. Assess the energy field with regard to the positive mood/negative mood axis. I use a small Zambian citrine with an Isis face, and a long slender schorl tourmaline for this, and I V-Grid. If the field feels buoyant, this dynamic is in good order. If it feels flat, I make a note to evaluate further which mood supporting procedure is desirable.
9. Separate the layers of the energy field and look at each in turn. I use a long slender obsidian needle for this. A gold pin also works. As I separate the layers, I note how easily they separate – like layers of bedding where you don’t want sheets and blankets to get tangled together, you don’t want the layers of the energy field to be entangled. I look at each layer, looking for smoothness versus lumps, bumps, pitting and holes
10. Once I’ve finished reading the layers of the field in this way, I sweep the field with a Quartz cluster to blend the layers again.
11. I evaluate the energy body alignment by looking on my mind screen. I ask: “Is there anything I need to do to before inviting the energy body to realign?” If the physical body is very stressed it is too uncomfortable for the energy body, so Draining Stress is usually required. Once I’ve ensured comfort, I can use one of two methods to bring about the realignment. One is to funnel the energy body back in, using crystal tools, the other is to reseat the energy body using a quartz sphere and your hands.
12. I complete by sweeping the energy field one last time with whichever “completion” crystal seems appropriate. I like to use a self-healed quartz crystal that includes epidote and hematite for feeling rejuvenated, or Titanium coated quartz for protection – this is just like putting the icing on the cake!

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Contact: Via form on the website
Textbook: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) available for purchase on the website
Memoir: Everyday Magic (2020) available from Amazon and Apple.