Crystal Energy – Energy from the Universe

When I read The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield, 1993) there was one message that really struck me: Don’t steal energy from other people, get your energy from the universe.

The message was powerful, but baffling, generating multiple questions:

Don’t steal energy from other people?

How do you steal energy from other people?

If you don’t know that you’re stealing energy, or how you are stealing energy, how do you stop yourself?

How do I know if people are stealing energy from me?

Get your energy from the universe?

What does “get your energy” mean?

How do you get energy from the universe?

I was not familiar with any other “New Age” literature, so these two concepts were new to me. In these pre-internet days, I didn’t have the option to Google “Get your energy from the universe” and see what would come up.

Instead, I just threw the question out to the universe: “How?” And an answer did come back! It was a wonderful spring that year, and the trees were laden with blossoms.  Every time I drove in the car, took a walk, looked out the window the sight of soft green leaves and colorful flowers just lifted my heart. It seemed like “spring” got its name because it put a spring in one’s step. “Oh,” I thought, “that’s how I get energy from the universe – for me, it is from being in nature. That is what recharges my battery.”

The insight led me to further helpful reflections. I thought about the sun, and how the sun is the direct source of all the energy on our planet, and thought about all the things we do to indirectly access that energy – like eat.  I also developed a penchant for watching the energy of fast running rivers and high waterfalls. I find both the sight and the sound to be very invigorating.

Appreciating the spring wasn’t the only answer that came. A relative came to dinner, and told us that she had just been to the Cincinnati Gem & Mineral Show. She couldn’t stop talking about the interesting people she had seen there. I couldn’t stop thinking about the crystals … I could hear them calling me.

The next morning, I phoned my friend Barbara, and asked her if she wanted to go to the Show. “Yes!” she said, and off we went. I can honestly say that that was a turning point in my life. We spent the whole day at the gem show, studying the crystals slowly and methodically, carefully choosing which beauties should come home with us. That was the beginning of an immersion training that has continued ever since.

I brought my new crystals home and kept them in a box, next to my bed. Every night I could look at them before going to sleep, and every morning, I could see them, as soon as I sat up. I found that sleeping with them near me was a great way to make friends. I still follow this practice to get to know new stones and tools.

I have since been to many gem shows and bought many, many more crystals. But I will never forget the experience of this whole new world opening up to me, and how the car felt as we drove home with a box of buzzing crystals in the back. Best of all, I can confirm that crystals are indeed a source of energy to those of us who are on that wavelength.

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