Do you wish to become a Certified Professional Crystal Surgery practitioner? This is where to start  Go here

Each semesters is $900
The first (Spring 2022) semester can be paid in full or in 4 monthly installments of $225, Feb – May 2022
[First Semester only, total number of Semesters unknown, estimate 4-6]

4 Zoom Calls: February 12, March 12, April 9, May 14 (2nd Saturday of month)
1.5 hours 11 a.m. ET and a second 1.5-hour call at 1:00pm. ET
Calls will be posted on the website within 5 days of recording,
for those who couldn’t attend and for all students to review.

Practical: 3 – 5 hours/week** studying and exchanging with practice partners and study buddies.

Note: If you are purchasing the Bachelors or Masters Certification Study Groups, you do not need to buy the Community Membership feature as Community Membership is included – value $50/year

Textbook Exploration with Partner is included in this Study Group and a partner will be allocated.

*Note: We are allowing 4 months to do study that can be done comfortably in 3 months, to allow for the interruptions and disruptions of life.
Second Note: If you want to follow the Masters Course, do not register for the Bachelors Course – it is included.


Zoom Calls Will Have Content Drawn from the Following Topics:

The Coordination Skills of Crystal Surgery – understanding what’s happening in the energy flow
Connecting correctly with the energy field – how to know when this is happening as intended
Advanced Chakra Adjustment – the next level of accuracy and sensitivity
The importance of working from physical to energetic in a healing session – understanding the mind/body/spirit continuum via Homeopathy
Adapting techniques for remote, and for in-person – capacity to switch back and forth

How to Substitute Crystals
Minimum kit, communicating with crystals, understanding the ‘action’ properties of crystals, being able to sense what the crystal is doing/how it is affecting the energy dynamics.

Guided Case-Study Work
Structuring a session — how to choose techniques and procedures
Following a client through a series – building the healing dynamic week-by-week,
How to choose which technique and procedure
How to go wider – looking at more detail in one layer
How to go deeper – looking at different layers
Realistic expectations of self and clients,
Allowing for miracles

Advanced Energy Anatomy
The Pranic Tube, the filaments
Opening up the energy field and looking at its structures
Understanding the liquid light of the energy body
Deeper understanding of cords and cording
This information is not available anywhere until we document it – you can’t look it up in a book or on the internet – it derives from learning how to read energy and then applying it to perceiving the intricate structures of the energy field

Crystal Micro-Surgery
This is new material, formulated after the textbook was published. This course will include the much more detailed reading of energy that many of you are hoping to learn.

New Techniques and Procedures
There’s always more! Since the textbook was published, some fabulous new combos, and procedures, have come forward. Fortunately, once one has a solid foundation, it becomes fun and empowering to add new techniques.

Additionally, by the time you get to this level, you will be discovering your own new ways to work.

How to Choose, Bachelors or Masters:

How much do you already know about crystal healing in general? You need to have several years of experience with general crystal healing to do the Masters Certification.

What is your level of interest in specifically becoming a Crystal Surgery practitioner? You need to feel very interested and motivated to commit to the Masters Course. If you’re not sure, there is no hurry. You can begin with the Bachelors this year and continue with the Masters the following year.

How much time can you allocate to studying this on a weekly basis? This is the BIG question to answer. The Masters Course is a big weekly time commitment with a high professional standard.

Still in doubt? Ask Vivien! Send an email:

Terms, Please Read:

This course is undergoing a Research and Design process. Commitments made by each party are for a 4-month period only. reserves the right to change course requirements, pre-requisites, content, pricing, times and all other course details, based on new information, as we progress from semester to semester.
By registering for this course, you acknowledge and accept these terms.

If you are registering for this Study Group please email the following information to :

Location (Country, State)
Time Zone
Head Shot (optional)

Everyone who purchases Masters Study Group, will receive:
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        a coupon for Community Membership for free


Crystal Surgery Coordination Skills, Advanced

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Crystal Micro Surgery

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Crystal Substitutions

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Month 1 Guidelines

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Zoom Call 2, Navigation Guide and Q&A

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Month 2 Homework and Guidelines

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Zoom Call 3, Navigation Guide and Q&A

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Zoom Call 4, Navigation Guide and Q&A

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Masters Zoom Part One 12-11-21 Masters Zoom Part Two 12-11-21 Masters Zoom Part Three 12-11-21 Masters Zoom Part Four 12-11-21