How to Read Energy

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How to Read Energy

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What to expect from this course:
Learn how to systematically read what is going on in the energy system and the energy field as a preparation for giving a crystal healing session. Note that this is energy reading not medical intuition.

What’s the difference?
In energy reading you are reading the energy emanating from the energetic system.
In medical intuition you are looking at the health and condition of the physical body.

What you need for this course:
Access to the textbook, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, a minimum crystal surgery kit, a channeling crystal and a record-keeper crystal.

Course Level:
Intermediate and Advanced. This course is not recommended for beginners.


  • The ability to visualize: If you can’t visualize images, it will not be possible to do this course. If you aren’t sure whether you can visualize, please contact me about this, by emailing me.
  • A foundation in crystal healing: if you’re not sure, email me.
  • At least 4 sessions doing remote healing work with a partner: If you haven’t done 4 remote sessions, and want to do this course, let’s get you started!!! Email me ( I’ll get you set up.
  • A willingness to venture into the unknown. You have to be able to begin with the feeling that you “don’t know how” and tolerate that as a constant, background feeling as you learn.


We can all read energy already
This course is designed to help you see how you already read energy and to systematically build a set of conscious skills.

A series of images will demonstrate that you already have this faculty. Reading energy becomes a way of life, as you become aware how we do this all the time anyway.

The cues are already in the textbook, in the form of the analogies provided for each technique and procedure. This course will look at the analogies and teach you how to unpack the information that is contained in them to build your energy reading skills.

Understanding the mechanics of telepathy, recognizing the manifestation of telepathy.

The Kinesthetic Sense
Understanding your kinesthetic sense is essential to consciously reading energy. This lesson will include the definition of kinesthesia, how to develop kinesthetic sensitivity, how to quiet your internal noise, how to feel “yes” and “no” in your body, and then how to apply all of this to the analogies in the textbook.

Empathic Resonance
The definition of empathic resonance, becoming more and more aware of your empathic resonance, tracking how you feel under different circumstances, tracking how you feel in the session, and cataloguing which feelings go with which kinds of energetic dynamics.

The “Just Knowing” feeling
Identifying “just knowing,” exploring how “just knowing” works, observing how your brand of “just knowing” pans out in real life.

The Mind Screen
What is the mind screen, how does it work, how to develop more and more detailed images on the mind screen.

Consulting Spirit Guides and Other Realms
How to do that inside a session, developing a panel of consultants, whose guides – yours or the client’s? When to speak up — the 3-time rule – and when to keep your mouth shut.

The Art of Wording
The key is in the questions. Framing the answers to be helpful and supportive and to avoid being scary and disempowering. Letting the client find the meaning.


  1. Three 1.5 hour Zoom conference calls: One at the beginning, one in the middle, one at the end. The calls are for Q&A, sharing and discussion.
  2. Zoom Calls will be held on the following dates and times:
    Saturday, March 6 11:00am. – 12:30pm. EST
    Saturday, April 10  11:00am – 12:30pm. EDT
    Saturday, May 8     11:00am – 12:30pm. EDT
  3. You will be paired with 6 partners and you will work with each partner once. You have 9 weeks to complete the 6 sessions. I thought it would be advisable to give some leeway.
  4. Time Zones: Participants are spread across 5 different time zones in 6 different countries: South Africa, U.K. and the 3 North American time zones. When emailing each other to set up session times, please remember to communicate with each other about which time zone you are in.
  5. Recorded video explanations, as well as written instructions, for learning the content.
  6. 6 Structured lessons with clear guidelines, plus 3 conference calls. Course will run for 9 weeks.
  7. Working remotely in partnerships, once per week, for 6 weeks. 1-Hour at a time, scheduled by you in accordance with your calendar, doing 30-minute readings on each other.
  8. Working with a series of partners, not one partner. The idea is to read different peoples’ energies and experience the comparisons and contrasts.
  9. A quiz at the end of each lesson, that is submitted to the instructor, for tracking progress.


Tuition: $180, special rate for 2021: $135.00
Registration: Registration will be via


How to set up your calls

How to set up your calls: Email your partner and set up a time. Don’t forget that the USA has a time change this coming Sunday March 14. Use an audio only connection. Have your tools ready to work — tools/substitutions per the video How to Do an Energy Reading You will each need […]

First Zoom Conference Call with Notes, Including What to Do with Your Partner

Opening Ceremony: Let’s act together: Becoming calm and centered Lighting a candle for protection Consciously connecting with each other, holding Faden, and picturing the network of cords Allow support from other realms Working on Ourselves: Gridding with Aquamarine Gridding with Serpentine Loading the info from the Akashic Records Loading the info from the Channeling […]

Week 1: Kinesthetic Sensitivity

How We Use the Kinesthetic Sense in Crystal Surgery We feel the client’s energy kinesthetically through the wands and crystals. It is essential to apprehend how this works because this is one of your most important feedback mechanism of all. Kinesthesia – the secret to reading energy: what is kinesthesia: Begin by watching […]

Week 2: Empathic Resonance and Recognizing Your Own Psychology

Please Note: This is the longest lesson with the most homework. You don’t have to complete all of the content in one week– think of this lesson as an ongoing layer throughout the course.      Intro Empathic resonance is a method of feeling someone else’s emotional dynamics via your own being. With empathic […]

Week 3: Mental Telepathy

This is a key skill. We can use telepathy to communicate with each other, with spirits and other forms of consciousness, with crystals, with animals and now even with the consciousness of body parts – like someone’s heart or knee. Begin by identifying the telepathic experiences you have had. Think about the circumstances under […]

Week 4: Time for a Recap and Clarifications

How to Read Energy Course, Week 4 First, sharing some Q& A from reports: On getting “strong” information: Still have a room for improvement of the senses of outer most layer with feather and positive/negative mood axis. — this is not going to become very clear, except by contrasting across many different people — it […]

Week 5: Claircognizance or Just Knowing and Akashic Records

Claircognizance or “Just Knowing” Here are some notes, to help you think about claircognizance. The irony is that claircognizance is a tautologous dynamic – you either “just know” or you don’t.  Once again, the term is used loosely, and some writers simply equate “just knowing” with “intuition.” Although there are courses that claim to […]

Week 6: The Mind Screen

What is The Mind Screen – How to Use it – With a Guided Vizualization Week 6, Lesson 5: The Mind Screen What is the mind screen? I looked up this exact question and got to this link: and this link: The main point, is that you already have a mind screen: […]

Week 7: Channeling Crystals

Channeling Crystals – What are they, and How to Identify and Activate Week 7, Lesson 6: Channeling Channeling crystal. Mind Space Usually this is happening unbeknown to us: Where did I get that? Who said that? How did those words add themselves to my sentence???!!! Channeling on demand is a whole other story. I […]