Exploring the Textbook with a Partner

You’ve purchased your book, and now what?
Want to practice the skills?
Want to explore the techniques?
Want to experience a session?
Want to learn how to do remote healing?
Want to meet new, like-minded people even during this pandemic?

We’ve devised this free 4-lesson, 6 – 8 week course to heighten your enjoyment and learn how to get the most out of your investment. We’ve also posted a new series of Remote Crystal Surgery Demos to support your learning.

There is a huge amount of content in the book. By exploring the book together with someone else, you expand what you perceive, and get a chance to discuss the content.

To join the course and get your partner, email Vivien at VSchapera@gmail.com


To become familiar with the contents of the textbook
Understand how the book is organized
Experience how the book is supported by the videos on YouTube/website
Apply using the book in sessions
Experience the techniques both as recipient and as practitioner

Book Organization

The book is very carefully organized. To fully appreciate how it is organized, you need to experience the organization as a user of the book. This needs to be a discovery process.

Skills, Techniques and Procedures as Supported by Video Demos

It is important to learn to use these terms consistently. Ascertain the difference and how each of these terms is being used in the textbook, and learn where to go to view demos of skills vs where to go to see demos of techniques and procedures. Skill demos are only on this website. They are brief and specific to one skill at a time. Techniques and procedures are embedded in the various videos and they are published on YouTube and on the Vlog page of this website.

The video demos are an integral part of the book, and have been made for you. An essential part of using the book successfully is to know which videos contain which demos – so some familiarity with the available videos is very important.

Finding techniques and procedures: Use the Search function on this website and YouTube. The videos have been hashtagged with the techniques and procedures either with the exact title of the technique (e.g. “Fast Basic Detox”) or matching keywords. This means that a Google search will yield the video(s) that contain(s) that technique, as will a search on the website. This is a work in progress and we keep refining the process so your feedback is greatly valued as you test the success rate.

As documenting the techniques and procedures is a rather big task, I do appreciate your help in continuing to build the library of videos. When you identify missing techniques and procedures, please let me know. Likewise, if you find a demo to be skimpy or unclear, please let me know that too.

Experiencing the Techniques

In-person classes are set up so that you can experience techniques both as practitioner and as recipient. This experience is very important on many, many levels. Theory and practice are different sides of the coin, and to become proficient, both are required.

Working with a peer, slowly and methodically, is the best way to achieve this! How wonderful that we have this opportunity.

Working Remote – the Extra Layer

Working remote opens up new information. I didn’t like that I was forced to switch to remote sessions, but it has been an eye-opener in a positive way. I have new respect, and new understanding, and new skills regarding the etheric dimension. Unable to rely on my direct hands-on skills, a whole new range of energetic skills have kicked in. The remote work is very pure and very strong. Please take it slowly!!!

Remember, you are supposed to be learning NEW skills. You are not supposed to feel like you know what you’re doing. If you think you already know, you won’t be able to hear the crystals guiding you. Begin every piece of study with beginner’s mind: “I don’t know and I’m excited to find out!!!”

Please support your partner in “not knowing.” This is where the power is. Seeking answers, generating good questions – this is the way we learn best.


Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson One

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Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson Two

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Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson Three

Lesson 3 This lesson may require 2 or more weeks. Spend time with the underlying narrative of the textbook: Read the preface. Read the 4 introductory pages, beginning with the definition of Crystal Surgery, pp. 1-7. Read the first page of every chapter. Read the last inspirational page with the photo of Adina. Don’t […]

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson Four

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