Exploring the Textbook with a Partner

by Vivien 5 Lessons in ,

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You’ve purchased your book, and now what?

Want to practice the skills?
Want to explore the techniques?
Want to experience a session?
Want to learn how to do remote healing?
Want to meet new, like-minded people even during this pandemic?

We’ve devised this free 5-lesson (including Orientation), 6 – 8 week course to heighten your enjoyment and learn how to get the most out of your investment. We’ve also posted a new series of Remote Crystal Surgery Demos to support your learning.

There is a huge amount of content in the book. By exploring the book together with someone else, you expand what you perceive, and get a chance to discuss the content.

You will need a partner to do this course.
If you provide your own partner, this course is free.
If you are a member of the Bachelors or Masters Certification Study Groups, a Partner is Provided

 To join the course and get your partner, email Vivien at crystalhealingtechniques@gmail.com