Exploring the Textbook with a Partner

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You’ve purchased your book, and now what?
Want to practice the skills?
Want to explore the techniques?
Want to experience a session?
Want to learn how to do remote healing?
Want to meet new, like-minded people even during this pandemic?

We’ve devised this free 5-lesson, 6 – 8 week course to heighten your enjoyment and learn how to get the most out of your investment. We’ve also posted a new series of Remote Crystal Surgery Demos to support your learning.

There is a huge amount of content in the book. By exploring the book together with someone else, you expand what you perceive, and get a chance to discuss the content.

To join the course and get your partner, email Vivien at VSchapera@gmail.com


Orientation (Preview)

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

To become familiar with the contents of the textbook Understand how the book is organized Experience how the book is supported by the videos on YouTube/this website Apply using the book in sessions Experience some of the techniques both as recipient and as practitioner

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson One

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

Lesson 1: Getting Started What You Need The Textbook: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery A Kit for Doing Remote Healing: Please see the video entitled How to Put Together Your Crystal Healing Board. You can use all your usual (big) tools. If you’re still putting your tools together, watch the newly posted video: […]

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson Two

Complexity: Easy

Lesson 2 Intention Understanding the structure of a Crystal Surgery session and seeing how: The video demos and the textbook work together The organization of the book synchronizes with the structure of a session The index can be used   The following Crystal Surgery Tutorials are on YouTube, and CrystalHealingTechniques.com on the blogs and […]

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson Three (Preview)

Complexity: Easy

Lesson 3 Intention Spend time with the underlying narrative of the textbook. Prep Read the preface. Read the introductory pages, beginning with the definition of Crystal Surgery, pp. 1-7. Read the first page of every chapter. Read the last inspirational page with the photo of Adina. Don’t interrupt the process by reading techniques/procedures in […]

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner: Lesson Four

Complexity: Easy

Lesson 4 Intention Discover how the book is layered in the same way as the energy field is layered. We have 3 layers of existence that integrate and coordinate dependently to create our incarnation on earth: the physical, the psychological and the energetic. These 3 aspects are generally identified as body, mind and spirit […]