Crystal Surgery Basics

Crystal Surgery Basics
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Crystal Surgery consists of both a comprehensive repertoire of skills as well as over 100 Crystal Healing Protocols.

In this free course, you can learn the basics of these Crystal Surgery skills:
A. Creating Crystal Circuits — 4 Lessons
B. Combing — 1 Lesson
C. Gridding — 3 Lessons
D. Crystal Energy Infusion — 4 Lessons

You can use any crystals to begin practicing your Crystal Surgery skills.


A. Creating Crystal Circuits

Crystal Surgery Basics - Creating Crystal Circuits

Whenever you use 2 or more stones, or a stone plus your hand, to stimulate energy flow, you are creating a circuit. Crystal Surgery systematically combines specific minerals to create circuits that will deliver reliable and consistent effects. The more you consciously understand about the crystals, their properties and how they interact with the […]

B. Combing

Crystal Surgery Basics - Sweep the Energy Field

“Combing” encompasses a range of skills in Crystal Surgery, where the aim is to groom the energy field: aligning, clearing, disentangling, scraping, scratching and cleaning. The most basic form of combing is called “Sweeping the Energy Field.”

C. Gridding

Crystal Surgery Basics - Liver Chakra Grid

Gridding is a very important component of Crystal Surgery. The word “gridding” has its own definition in this kind of crystal healing – you literally inscribe a grid, like a graph paper grid, over the target area. The grid is inscribed with the “active point” of the crystal. The “active point” can be the […]

D. Crystal Energy Infusion

In Crystal Surgery the healing properties of minerals are harnessed through both their chemistry and their physics. This means that the stones impart healing via ionization and by affecting vibrational frequency. By infusing the crystal energy into the energy field and/or the physical body you can catalyze healing through both the chemistry and physics […]