Course 1: Working on Others

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In this course I am going to share with you the Crystal Surgery style of doing some general procedures that are integral to every crystal healing session. The more specific protocols are built on the platform created by these general protocols.


The benefits of these techniques include the following:

  • Provide an excellent starting point
  • Can deliver a full healing experience
  • Great way to attune to individual energy dynamics

There are many layers to what you need to learn to become a crystal healer. Each time you practice, it is a good idea to consciously select which layers of learning you want to focus on. Here are some of the layers:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the crystals
  • Learning how to use the crystals as tools
  • Building your capacity to attune
  • Understanding energy dynamics
  • Expanding your knowledge about crystal healing
  • Developing skill in the crystal healing technique itself

As a teacher, I encourage my students to follow these principles:

Allow yourself to learn a little at a time – a little goes a long way.

Enjoy the process – there’s no rush

Acknowledge your success – attend to what worked

And remember, repetition is the key to learning!

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How to Begin and End When Learning These Techniques

Learn the basics of how to set up and how to complete, when working on others. Knowing how to begin builds confidence. It is helpful, and safe, to establish these insightful routines, right from the beginning. This information is for how to begin and end when learning these techniques.

Clearing the Energy Field

To clear the energy field of “foreign” energies and disturbances “collected” during daily activities and interactions.

“Opening” Chakras

“Opening the chakras” is a term generally used to denote a form of adjusting the chakras at the beginning of a healing session. This can be done with the hands or tools.


To clear the cords that could be interfering with functioning.

Chakra Layout

To energize the energy system. This calms the system and increases energy. Laying on chakra stones induces a smooth, organized flow of energy.

Cleanse and Refresh

To cleanse and refresh both the physical body and the energy system. This technique helps people feel lighter, clearer, balanced and rejuvenated. It is gentle, yet powerful too.

Energy Infusion

This technique pumps energy into the energy field, expanding the overall size of the energy field as well as expanding the cells of the energy field so that they are bigger and thereby able to receive more healing input.