00-9 Crystal Surgery Instructor Training

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Crystal Surgery Instructor Training – One Semester — $650

Learn how to construct a Crystal Surgery training using the website and textbook as a resource that empowers you. This is a practical training. To do this course, you need to find a minimum of 1 person who wants to learn Crystal Surgery 1 (or more) from you and you need to be actively teaching Crystal Surgery, to your own student(s) during the semester.

In this course, you will learn how to train students in Crystal Surgery:

    1. How to lead a Study Group, or equivalent – design and structure elements: Weekly training? Weekend workshop training? Monthly training? How many hours? Pricing? Location? Each instructor will develop their own design and structure in accordance with their personal style and options.
    2. How to use the website and courses to support your instruction: Learn to use the textbook and website as an empowering and liberating resource that provides the full syllabus and a standardized exam, freeing you to do the fun part of teaching and interacting with your students.
    3. How to teach the practical: For students this needs to be the most pertinent benefit of working with you – the opportunity to be helped and monitored “live” whether in-person or via zoom class. This is where you need to excel, and this is your selling point. Understanding how to do this well – and perceiving how the website as a resource and reference empowers you – is the core essence of this training.
    4. How to coordinate opportunities for students to work with each other: This is a challenging dynamic. Students need to learn from a teacher and also by working on their own, doing their homework. Figuring out how best to provide the correct opportunities is the role of the teacher.


  1. To attain a Bachelor’s in Crystal Surgery, all students need to write and pass the standardized exam in Crystal Surgery 3. This means that they will have to purchase the Crystal Surgery 3 course (at half price, $150) and this should be considered as the exam and certification fee.
  2. Purchasing Crystal Surgery 1 & 2 courses is definitely recommended, because it would be very time-consuming and unrealistic to reproduce the demos of the techniques and procedures, but it will not be a requirement of certification.
  3. The quiz questions in Crystal Surgery 1 will be posted on the website and your students will be provided with a link to write the exam. Remember that you can access the quiz questions by going to Crystal Surgery 1 and looking at the lessons. The quiz questions provide a 100% objective measure of whether the students have studied and understood the course content. The quiz is automatically graded by the website and you will be informed of your students’ results.


  1. Can I certify my students in Crystal Surgery?

If you are certified as an instructor in Crystal Surgery, it does NOT mean that you can certify students – it means that:

  • You are certified, to lead Study Group, or equivalent, both in-person or online
  • Your students will be eligible to receive 50% off the Crystal Surgery 1, 2 & 3 courses on the website
  • You coordinate your students’ practice sessions
  • You prepare students for the Bachelor’s written exam
  • You prepare students for the Bachelor’s practical exam


  1. Why can’t I certify my students in Crystal Surgery once I am an instructor?

Crystal Surgery is distinct from other Crystal Healing modalities because of the following features:

  1. The length of time it takes to train in Crystal Surgery
  2. The amount of detail in the Skills, Techniques and Procedures
  3. The well-formed syllabus that has been documented in video demos
  4. The existence of a textbook as a reference
  5. The establishment of a standardized exam and level of practical proficiency

25 years of research and development have gone into developing Crystal Surgery into an actual professional training. It is in all our interests to follow the professional practice of having a single moderating entity that certifies the professional, per the bar exam in law, and the state exams for accountants and massage therapists.

Setting a strong, objective, global standard for certification will prevent many, many issues and fights in the Crystal Surgery community in the future as the community grows and leadership inevitably changes.

The professional branding and the professional certification will become the single biggest marketing strength of any training that you, as a Crystal Surgery instructor, will be able to provide.

It is in all our interests to communally support, and maintain, the highest standard possible.

The Structure of the Crystal Surgery Teacher Training

Note: This is a practical training with a practical requirement for certification

The structure of this training needs to be different from Study Group and the course needs to be responsive to the training needs that reveal themselves in the process of the training. As this will be the first time, we are once again in Beta mode!

The test structure will include:

  1. An initial 3-hour orientation class to understand the process of training students in Crystal Surgery and generate a class design that works for your set of circumstances
  2. A monthly class meeting for reports, problem-solving, generating ideas and general sharing
  3. Supervision and guidance from Vivien – help with the design and structure that you have chosen, and help with dealing with students
  4. Mentoring from Vivien via one-on-one email and conversations – answers to your individual questions and circumstances
  5. Participants in the training will be required to attend the monthly Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Group calls, observing the classes “from the other side of the desk.”


  1. Your students must pay you appropriately for their training – this should definitely not be given for free
  2. Course dates and times will be set in accordance with who registers for the semester.

Certification Requirement

Train at least one person in Crystal Surgery 1 to the expected level of proficiency as tested by:

  1. The written exam – the quiz questions in Crystal Surgery 1 – which will be posted as the Crystal Surgery 1 exam on the website for your students.
  2. A practical exam – your student demonstrates proficiency to the appropriate level of a Crystal Surgery 1 student by submitting a series of video clips showing them executing a specified list of skills, techniques and procedures from the Crystal Surgery 1 syllabus per the course on the website.

Upon successful completion of the certification requirement, you will receive a Crystal Surgery Instructor certification from FourWinds Academy.