00-8 Crystal Healing Instructor Certification

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One Semester of Training and Course Work — $650

Learn how to give a successful public Crystal Healing presentation; how to teach Crystal Healing; and how to introduce Crystal Surgery.

Teaching a Crystal Healing class is different from teaching a Crystal Surgery class. There is overlap, but there are also distinctions. It is important to learn how to teach Crystal Healing, and get experience of this process, before attempting to train your own Crystal Surgery students. One significant reason is because people will not commit to training in Crystal Surgery with you until they have experienced you teaching a lower commitment level Crystal Healing class.

As you go through your Crystal Surgery training you learn many detailed techniques and procedures and you have to know a lot more about Physiology, Anatomy, Energy Anatomy and the chemistry, physics and electrical properties about the stones than you need to know for Crystal Healing.

There are many more people interested in Crystal Healing classes than there are people willing to make the long-term commitment to learning Crystal Surgery. Crystal Healing classes act as a funnel, eventually bringing in a few committed students who see the value in Crystal Surgery and want to become professional practitioners.

This course will help you develop insight into the distinctions between Crystal Healing classes and Crystal Surgery training by teaching you how to plan and deliver a public, introductory presentation designed to attract both clients and students, and how to plan and deliver a Crystal Healing class that can also introduce skills and techniques drawn from Crystal Surgery.

The method of learning is via mentoring:

  1. Being Mentored: By actually planning and delivering the presentation and class, under a mentor’s guidance, you gain experience and insights that can be gained in no other way.
  2. By Being an Intern: By mentoring the Crystal Surgery students who are in Study Group – helping them to use the website successfully and execute the techniques and procedures successfully – you gain experience and insight into how Crystal Surgery students are trained, how they respond to the content, and how they learn.
  3. By being mentored when teaching your own students, and providing mentoring, via participating in the training of the Crystal Surgery students, you gain experience in the difference between how students learn Crystal Healing versus how they learn Crystal Surgery.
  4. It is important to understand that by entering this course you are making a transition from student to teacher and that you consciously perceive the view from “the other side of the desk.”

Structure of Crystal Healing Instructor Training and Internship:

  • Attend Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Group – 5 Zoom Calls – dates are provided for each semester in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Group descriptions
  • Attend Instructor Training – 5 Zoom Calls – dates are provided for each semester in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Group descriptions. The time is 10am – 11am. ET.
  • Lead or Assist the two Practical Sessions presented in the semester — dates are provided for each semester in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Group descriptions
  • Mentor the students in Study Group via the scheduled exchanges with a partner
  • Design and teach a Crystal Healing Class, using the Crystal Healing classes on the website to guide you regarding content and appropriate level of instruction
  • Understand the differences between teaching Crystal Healing and teaching Crystal Surgery by giving you the opportunity to compare and contrast your experience of teaching Crystal Healing students with mentoring the Crystal Surgery students
  • Understanding the psychology of class dynamics: the teacher’s organizational skills, how students learn; what the different learning styles are; group dynamics, boundaries and realistic expectations of students
  • Give a Public Zoom Class for CrystalHealingTechniques.com by working with the Zoom Class Coordinator on planning and execution
  • How to teach an introduction to Crystal Surgery: where to begin, what level of detail to include, how to include some Crystal Surgery techniques in a Crystal Healing class.

These are the steps required to fulfill the Crystal Healing Class requirement:

  1. Plan a crystal healing class

  2. Submit your proposal to Vivien for approval

  3. Refine your proposal in accordance with Vivien’s feedback

  4. Advertise your class appropriately — document the advertising that you do

  5. Optimally, attract 3-6 people, or more. The minimum number to meet the requirement: 2 people

  6. Give the class

  7. Write a report that includes:

  • What you taught

  • How many people

  • What went well

  • What didn’t go so well

  • What you will change in the future — and what you will change it to

  • What insights you learned about teaching a class

  • Submit the report to Vivien

Additionally, to complete Instructor Certification, you will be asked to present to the public/community on a Zoom Call or other public forum. This opportunity may come to you organically, and otherwise will be structured and arranged by Vivien and coordinators. You will need to submit a proposal, and then present. Please submit a half hour presentation proposal by sending your email to chtcoursereport@gmail.com with “Public Presentation” in the subject line. 

This is a practical training. To fulfill the certification requirements you need to:

  • Give a public, introductory level presentation, date coordinated with Vivien if necessary
  • Attract and teach a class of students, optimally 3-6, but a minimum of 2 students

Upon successful completion of the requirements, you attain a certificate from FourWinds Academy to say you have completed a training as a Crystal Healing Instructor.

Once you have completed these requirements, you become eligible to do the next course, Crystal Surgery Instructor Training. It is not necessary to do these courses back-to-back. It is advisable to wait until:

  1. You have some experience of teaching Crystal Healing classes
  2. You have taught introductory elements of Crystal Surgery
  3. You have a minimum of 1-2 students who want to learn Crystal Surgery 1 from you