Citrine “The Marriage Crystal!”

Message from Citrine

Call Me “The Marriage Crystal!”

Includes some healing properties of Citrine. Today my message is from a particular crystal that I keep next to my bed. It is a very, very fancy citrine from deep down in the earth. It has smoky phantoms, and sparkles with rainbows.

The first message from my citrine crystal is this: Please explain to them about citrine that is really heated amethyst. So here goes. Yes, amethyst and citrine are both quartz with color. Citrine is essentially amethyst that is naturally irradiated in the earth, causing it to change color. There are many amethyst geodes coming out of the earth, and some miners and dealers take the amethyst after it has been mined, and heat it in order to deliver this orange citrine color. Some people want to stick with “natural and organic” and definitely such citrine has been treated by man. 

I’m interested to know what my natural citrine has to say about this, and this is what she says: If it does the job, then go for it. Once crystals have been mined, they are already “not natural.” They get extracted from their place in the earth and then, go into a chemical bath to clean them. Some of them get polished, to reveal the underlying beauty that is camouflaged by an opaque film over the crystal. What difference does it make if they are heated as well in a manner that mimics the natural process in the earth? Yes, some heated crystals look burnt, and FEEL burnt, and of course, that’s no good at all — but if the crystal looks and feels good, well then, it looks and feels good, what more do you want? On a similar, related note, the same goes for agate that has been dyed — if the result is pleasing, then consider it the same as a woman wearing make-up — an enhancement of natural beauty. We love our clothes and hairdos, and jewelery, and you know what? (Some) crystals like to dress up too!!! I do want to add, that this has not been MY personal attitude, so this is enlightening and expanding for me too.

The second message from my citrine, is that Citrine in general wants to be considered “the marriage crystal!” That’s a WOW! What could that mean? Well, in the tradition western marriage ceremony we say: to be my wedded wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s holy ordinance” and that exactly describes all the ways that citrine can support us. Let’s take a closer look:

“To have and to hold”: Yes, that’s what we do when we collect crystals — we want to have them, and we especially want to hold them. In this “holding” lies the magic that we seek. The point is that citrine will hold us too — and “holding” means being supportive, being loving.

“For better, for worse”: Yes, that means that citrine will be there for us when in need, as well as contributing to enjoying good times together and appreciating shared experiences. This is true, because citrine is either orange — aligning with the second chakra, seat of our emotional system or yellow, aligning with our solar plexus chakra, seat of our will and relationship with ourselves. Support for either or both these chakras really gives us comfort and help when “worse,” and inspiration and impetus during better times.

“For richer, for poorer”: Oh my YES! Citrine is known as “the merchant stone” and is one of the very best minerals for assisting us in business and money affairs. When “poor” citrine can help you out of a hole and using citrine correctly will help you build your finances. How? This is individual to you and when you find your personal citrine, it will help you — as long as you listen!!!

“In sickness and in health”: Indeed, citrine can be our friend when we are sick, helping us to recover. Again, this is because of its alignment with both the second and third chakras, because our physical health very much depends on strong functioning in these 2 chakras — the solar plexus holds many organs that support our health — the liver, the kidneys, the adrenals, the pancreas, the spleen and the gall bladder, and our sacral chakra holds the entire digestive and reproductive systems, including the colon, seat of immune function.

“To love and to cherish”: This part has no mystery for us crystal lovers. We so love and cherish our crystals, and we are taught that “Love is in the Earth” because the crystals give us love and compassion too. I think what is important here is that citrine is reminding us, that just as we love our pet, and our pet loves us back, so it is with citrine. The love that we feel toward our citrine crystal is reciprocated and our crystal actively loves us back. 

I can confirm that many times in the last 2 years, when I’ve needed comfort, this citrine crystal has winked and sparkled at me, helping me to feel accepting of what I cannot change, and encouraging me to be hopeful about the future.

Thank you, citrine. I already loved you deeply and now I feel even more appreciation and gratitude.