How to Choose a Crystal Healing Workshop

How to Choose a Crystal Healing Workshop

Crystals have a magnetic attraction and a mesmerizing quality. No wonder Crystal Healing is becoming more and more popular! Naturally, more and more people want to learn about this exciting topic, but how can we tell whether a crystal course or workshop is worthwhile? Fortunately, there are some very sensible guidelines that we can follow! Let’s explore.

Who is the teacher?

When evaluating a course or workshop, the very first question to ask is: “Who is the teacher?” Ideally, the teacher should have earned certification as a Crystal Healer from a respected source, should have prior teaching experience, and should be a practicing Crystal Healing professional with a reasonable amount of experience. That’s the ideal, but we have to remember that even teachers have to be allowed a “first time” so if you aren’t getting “ideal” answers, you can ask these two questions instead: “Does this teacher know something specific that I want to learn?” and “Do I like this teacher’s style?” You will learn more with a teacher who has knowledge you respect and a personality that is comfortable for you.

Is the content of this course what I want to learn?

It is very important to choose a course that is offering the kind of content that you want to learn. There are many aspects to Crystal Healing, ranging from knowledge of the crystals to advanced practitioner skills. Check on the course content – most course descriptions list what will be covered in the workshop, and also give a list of benefits that you can expect to experience by attending the workshop. These two lists are very helpful in assessing the intent and clarity of the teacher as well as the structure and organization of the course.

Does this course offer me value for money?

Unfortunately, although crystals and other metaphysical subjects are generally associated with a more “spiritual” attitude to life, the field is still subject to “chancers” who can try to take advantage of you. There is no “right” amount to charge for a metaphysical course, but the more experienced and dedicated teachers tend to undercharge rather than overcharge. If the price tag startles you, and you cannot make sense of it, the course is probably over-priced.

You may also want to check what all is included in the price. If the cost of the workshop includes stones and crystals, then of course it should carry a higher price tag. However, remember that while you can’t exactly categorize crystal healing tools as a “hidden cost,” it isn’t possible to practice Crystal Healing without crystals.

One big factor to consider is: What does this course give you when you’re done? For example, our online Crystal Healing Foundation Course is free – because it doesn’t formally qualify you for anything. As a course, it integrates information that is generally available, and focuses you on the important basics. You can get this same information by reading a range of books, blogs and online articles, although it will take a lot longer. In contrast to this, our Crystal Surgery courses give you a full, progressive professional training that is 100% unique. And not only do you get this interactive training, but you will also be personally mentored by a professional teacher with over 40 years of experience.

How many people will be in the workshop?

Some big names in the metaphysical industry set up workshops in halls or auditoriums and teach literally hundreds of students over a weekend. While the teacher may be well-respected, this may not be the way you want to learn. Your preference may be for a small workshop, with 4 – 5 students, learning in a personal way from a kind teacher who gives you time and attention.

Who else will be in the class is another important point to investigate. A well-run group class is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, network and learn from peers. Even our online courses are structured so that you can meet and practice Crystal Healing with people from all over the world, at the same time as honoring your own pace.

Any other questions?

For additional guidelines, ask yourself: “What is important to me?” and find out whether what is important to you will be addressed in the workshop. Everything about a metaphysical class has the potential to impact the rest of your life, so choose wisely.

About the Author: Vivien Schapera has been teaching Crystal Healing, and other metaphysical subjects, since 1998 when she founded FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences. Despite the alternative nature of her career, she has been recognized twice by mainstream institutions for the quality of her work. Vivien received a Health Care Heroes Award from the Cincinnati Business Courier for FourWinds Academy, and an IAN Book of the Year award for her groundbreaking textbook The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020).