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Crystal Healing Tutorial: Opening Chakras, From Beginner to Mastery

The first skill to learn in both Energy Healing and Crystal Healing is how to open chakras, and as we progress we discover that “opening” chakras has many layers of refinement, including never-ending insights into what this kind of chakra adjustment actually entails. In this tutorial, Vivien spends time explaining to Jamie what to […]

Crystal Healing: Diverse Effects of Metaphysical Jewelry

  Smoky Quartz, Heliodor, Turquoise, Moldavite, Amber, Iolite, Moonstone and Peridot … these are a few of our favorite jewelry stones! Viv and Linda discuss their jewelry and the diverse metaphysical benefits they have experienced from these beauties. This video includes: Smoky Quartz for grounding and steady change Heliodor for sense of self Turquoise […]

Crystal Healing: Why Rings and Earrings Make Such Effective Metaphysical Jewelry

Despite their size, rings and earrings can have a huge impact on our energy fields. Vivien shows how her little Peridot ring can be extraordinarily and disproportionately effective in affecting her energy, considering what a little stone it is. She then goes on to share the insights that came from asking herself, and the […]

Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 3, More on Crystal Healing Tools

Vivien and Jamie show you more powerful crystals, and another 12 crystal healing tips and ideas, with accompanying demonstrations. This video includes: Sardonyx – for releasing anger and frustration Aquamarine Lingams – for adjusting and attuning nerves Lepidolite in Mica – for its lithium-rich property and concomitant effect on depression Sunstone in Iolite – […]

Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 2 Crystal Healing Tools

Learn more than a dozen crystal healing tips and ideas, including demos of how to use the crystal tools, as you watch satisfying video images of stones, in this continuing exploration of the new inventory acquired at Tucson Gem Show 2019. You can hear about the following crystals in this video: Isis Crystals – […]

Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 1 Personal Shopping

See the beautiful crystals bought to fill customers’ specific orders, and also hear about their use and application. In a brief introduction to Personal Touch Stones, Vivien explains the 2 legs of her crystal business: Firstly, personal shopping, and secondly, collecting the crystal healing tools needed for the Crystal Surgery classes. Explore the new […]