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Crystal Surgery Demo: The Unconditional Love Transmission, Tutorial and ASMR

“Unconditional Love” is a commonly used term whose meaning is much bigger than our human consciousness can truly comprehend. Yet, our souls crave the experience of unconditional love, so the lack of such an experience can drive us through life on a never-ending quest to fill the void. This is a demonstration of how […]

Deleting Imprints from the Energy Field

Ways of thinking, behaviors, expectations and beliefs are acquired by DNA, socialization and experiences, and form imprints on our energy field that program our patterns of living. Undesirable imprints are the ones that hold us captive, obstructing desired change and personal growth. In this tutorial Vivien demonstrates how to delete undesirable imprints. The steps […]

Crystal Surgery ASMR: Deep Relaxation with Emeralds

At last! No music track by popular request of our ASMR viewers! Here is a Crystal Surgery Demo with both experiential and instructional components, that includes the following techniques: Soothing with Seraphinite and Relieving Frustration with Sardonyx, V-Gridding with Diopside and Thunder Bay Amethyst Red Cap; Deep Relaxation and Core Tension Release. Presenters: Vivien […]

Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 3, More on Crystal Healing Tools

Vivien and Jamie show you more powerful crystals, and another 12 crystal healing tips and ideas, with accompanying demonstrations. This video includes: Sardonyx – for releasing anger and frustration Aquamarine Lingams – for adjusting and attuning nerves Lepidolite in Mica – for its lithium-rich property and concomitant effect on depression Sunstone in Iolite – […]

Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 2 Crystal Healing Tools

Learn more than a dozen crystal healing tips and ideas, including demos of how to use the crystal tools, as you watch satisfying video images of stones, in this continuing exploration of the new inventory acquired at Tucson Gem Show 2019. You can hear about the following crystals in this video: Isis Crystals – […]