Carnelian: Stone of Incarnation and a Bridge between the etheric and the physical

A few months ago, we talked to Sardonyx, and discovered that one of the components of Sardonyx is Carnelian. At that time, I said there is too much to say about Carnelian, and only mentioned that its name comes from “carni” which is the word for flesh. Finding this out startled me because of how Carnelian is used in Crystal Surgery.

Carnelian is a form of Agate and Chalcedony, bestowing many healing properties. Carnelian is a second chakra stone, not only because of its orange color, but also because Carnelian and the second chakra are both portals for incarnation.

The second chakra is the chakra of incarnation because it is the very first chakra to form, as it is the point of the umbilicus. When we incarnate, we are formed physically at the second chakra, by the second chakra in the second chakra. We form at the umbilicus, via the reproductive system, which is the second chakra, in the uterus which is in the second chakra. This is interesting enough, but there is another fascinating second chakra lineage: the egg that becomes you, was formed inside your mother’s ovaries (second chakra organs) when she was an embryo inside your grandmother’s second chakra. This generational aspect of the second chakra is very profound and the significance is not yet apprehended by our culture.

In Crystal Surgery, we use Carnelian to regenerate tissue. We build a wand with Tangerine Quartz on one end and Carnelian on the other end, and this wand forms a bridge from the etheric dimension to the physical dimension. The wand delivers etheric tissue to the second chakra, in the same way as the umbilicus delivers nutrition to the embryo, so that it can grow and develop.

Carnelian says: “It is very important to understand that the second chakra is a great conversion factory. We are all familiar with the fact that we ingest food. Then our alimentary canals process that food, turning it into nutrients. These nutrients are assimilated, and turned into both fuel and the building blocks for forming new physical tissue. Don’t forget that the entire alimentary canal is a second chakra system.

“The reproductive system is also a second chakra system. Here, we are familiar with the facts that the second chakra can procreate – generating new life – supporting a metamorphosis from sperm and egg, to embryo, to fetus, to infant.

“What we are not familiar with, is the fact that the etheric realm, like the sun and food, is also a source of energy, and forms a very significant resource. We talk about “chi” energy, and we know that all energy comes from the sun, but we don’t have an equivalent understanding of how our chi energy originates in the etheric realm, and we definitely don’t grasp how chi energy is delivered into the physical system.

“All martial arts systems, and TCM, recognize that the center of our chi is the hara and lower dan tian, situated in the second chakra. To enhance chi energy, we can do breathing practices, Reiki, acupuncture and so on, yet these practices don’t explain where the chi energy is coming from, and how new, additional chi can enter the system.”

Carnelian wants to remind us, that we have energy structures in our energy field and energy body, that continue to receive a replenishment of chi energy from the etheric realm. Whereas the physical umbilicus is severed at birth, the energetic umbilicus persists throughout our lifetime as an attachment to the etheric realm. Through this energetic umbilicus we can continue to receive love, support and energy from the universe, our Great Mother.

Carnelian also wants me to tell you a quick and beneficial way to become centered and enhance your chi receptors in your second chakra. All you need is a piece of Carnelian and a piece of Candle Quartz. Hold one in one hand, and one in the other hand. With conscious awareness, breathe in and out slowly for 3 minutes. Then switch which stone is in which hand, and continue to breathe in and out slowly with awareness. 6 minutes of doing this, will deliver a calm presence. You will feel centered and your chi centers will have been energized.

Thank you, Carnelian!

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Lower Dantian (jing)

Known as the vessel of jing, the lower dantian is believed to be one of the three treasures, or essences, vital to a person’s health. 

Jing “is the most substantial energy, composed of genetic material, and is the source of energy from which the physical body is created,” says Vander Baan. 

Jing is believed to be a person’s essence. It’s said to be related to the wisdom of our genetic code, reproduction, and the gifts passed down to us from our parents. 

According to Soffer, the jing is closely related to the kidneys and adrenal glands and is also related to the survival response.

“Jing gives a person physical life force and the will to survive,” says Soffer. “Jing has similarities to Kundalini… in that it’s a seat of strength and both physical and sexual power, a person’s body consciousness, and sense of place.”

The lower dantian is believed by some to be a combination of the root and sacral chakras. According to Soffer, it’s located two finger widths below the navel and parallel with the perineum. 

Jing is believed to be like Kundalini energy. According to Soffer, it may feel like heat within the body because of its transformative qualities. It’s referred to as an internal spiritual fire that can be cultivated to awaken the upper energy centers. 

This “root of power” is seated between the kidneys and helps to circulate water and blood throughout the body, says Soffer.