Bustamite: Align with Your Soul’s True Purpose


Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. This is the part of the show where I, Vivien, talk to crystals and talk about crystals, and today we are talking to Bustamite.

Bustamite is a very rare stone that comes mainly from two locations, Spain and South Africa, and apparently Bustamite has also been found in Brazil, together with Rhodonite, and the state of New Jersey, but I’ve never seen such specimens myself. My first encounter with Bustamite was via Bob Jackson who for a long time was Melody’s significant other. Melody and Bob spoke about Bustamite in hushed tones, and this encouraged me to purchase a few pieces, but I have to be honest – I didn’t “get it.” I didn’t know what to do with it, and I couldn’t feel anything particular emanating from these little Bustamite stones.



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Then, on a trip to South Africa, I was sorting through a basket of tumbled stones and happened upon a particularly attractive stone that was a combination of pink and brown, and I fell in love with it. I didn’t know what it was, except I knew it was “mine.” It turned out that it was Bustamite, and I felt like I’d won the jackpot. And that’s exactly it – that’s the energy of Bustamite. If you can get a piece, you have won the jackpot – a jackpot of good fortune.





Once again, when we look and see what Melody has to say about Bustamite, it doesn’t seem all that different from what other stones have to offer. The descriptions are flat – two-dimensional – compared to the actual experience. Melody says things like “powerful energy work,” stabilization of energy,” “removal of energy blockages,” and “re-alignment of energy channels.” She also says slightly more exciting things like “access to angelic beings” and: “used in meditation, provides one with both a safe and sacred place where the soul is honored and where the inner being can feel the perfection of health, harmony and the congruity of the universe.” (Melody, p. 166)






I can attest to the veracity of these words, and I can also say that the experience of Bustamite even transcends “uplifting.” It seems to me that Bustamite has sent out a call to those who will hear it. Why do I say this? Because two days ago, a new customer wrote me an email in which he said: “It seems that the stone I need at this time is Bustamite. I notice that there isn’t any available except for small stones. Do you by any chance have any?”



This was very strange, because it just so happens that this year in Tucson, I did buy some rough Bustamite that came from Spain, and it just so happens that a few days before I had taken the raw Bustamite to a friend of mine who has lapidary equipment and he had very kindly shaped the Bustamite into beautiful wands and chakra stones – and therefore it just so happened that I did have some Bustamite for sale. The reason that I had bought the raw Bustamite in the first place, was because one of my graduates had asked me for a Bustamite wand, like the one pictured in my book The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery. I told her that it would be a miracle if we were to find such a wand, and it would be pricey since Bustamite is essentially unavailable, and I also said that somehow, uncannily, when people ask me for unusual, special pieces they somehow magically do manifest. And so it was … because energy follows intention.





Having meditated with Bustamite, and worked with it more experimentally since getting this new supply, I can report that Bustamite does its work by transporting one into a different realm of consciousness. I still have much to explore here, but for now, I can say that that is how it administers the properties that Melody references.

When I ask Bustamite what message it wants to convey to you at this time, Bustamite says: We all need to be able to escape from the harsh realities of Life. Life can be beautiful – the beauty of Nature, the beauty of Friendship, the beauty of Family Love. But these are the best moments, and sadly, a lot of life can be cruel and crushing. However, life on Earth is not the only reality in the universe, and it is in fact one of the most fickle and transient realities.

I remind your soul that difficult life events are actually very temporary, and I reconnect you with other truths about your existence as a spirit, that have more enduring and more significant qualities, than current circumstances. By offering perspectives from a completely different vantage point, and by refreshing your soul and spirit, you become re-aligned with your soul’s purpose and you become re-invigorated and inspired.

“You realize that it isn’t this moment that counts as itself – it only counts as a step before the next one – and you can decide what and where this moment leads to. The difficulties of this moment are a figment of time, rather pay attention to the enduring path ahead, where you, as a spirit, are going.”







Thank you, Bustamite, for this excellent perspective that is actually providing very practical help. I have felt a wave of inspiration and creativity since I began working with you, and I can see how using Bustamite in healing sessions is providing tangible benefits.

And thank you Everyone, for joining us here on The Schapera Show, where we explore this big adventure called Life. Please join us again next month.