Why Bother with Crystal Healing Certification?

Why Bother with Crystal Healing Certification?

Crystal Healing is a relatively new modality that is not yet taken seriously by the mainstream helping professions, even though many may be displaying crystals openly in their waiting rooms and secretly carrying stones in their pockets! This fact alone could stand as an excellent reason for building Crystal Healer certification courses, but there are several other motivating factors as well.

First let’s discuss some of the various forms of certification that are available. One kind of certificate, is a certificate of participation. This indicates that you showed up for a course, and participated in a set of exercises, as designed by the teacher. Such a certificate does not comment on whether a particular skill level was attained, but does indicate a level of commitment, openness to learning from a teacher, and the willingness to invest time and energy to skill development.

Another type of certification is obtained by attaining a passing grade in response to a quiz or exam. Such a certificate signifies a level of theoretical knowledge and is very valuable, because theoretical understanding is a precursor to practical skills. While many people have test anxiety, causing them to avoid such challenges, we cannot deny that passing a test gives us a sense of self-respect and confidence that cannot be attained in any other way. A certificate denoting knowledge is essential to developing professional confidence.

You can access our free online Crystal Healing certification right here! This is our Crystal Healing Foundation Course, carefully designed to give you a sound knowledge base for all the different styles of Crystal Healing.

The third type of certification is the certificate that signifies a qualification as a Crystal Healer. To earn such a certificate, you need to demonstrate proficiency in both theoretical and practical skills. Such certification puts Crystal Healers in better alignment with our society’s expectations for professional standards. If we want Crystal Healing to become a recognized profession, it is in our interests to create courses with the gravitas of a true professional training.

You may well ask: “But how can I tell whether a Crystal Healing course is worthwhile?” And that is a very good question, worthy of its own blog – How to Choose a Crystal Healing Workshop. Here, on CrystalHealingTechniques.com we have introductory options for beginners and we cater, in depth, to those who want to become Crystal Healing professionals. We offer a range and progression of courses in both Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery, taught by a professional Crystal Healing expert.

About the Author: Vivien Schapera has dedicated her career to providing professional training in the healing arts. In 1998, she founded FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences and in 2020, she published The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, an award-winning textbook for crystal healers.