The Seven Archetypal Stones by Nicholas Pearson – A Book Review

Congratulations to Nicholas Pearson on writing a book that succeeds in covering all bases! The Seven Archetypal Stones is enlightening, informative and entertaining.

Nicholas takes us on a profound journey through the cosmos, using seven stones as our tour guides, namely: Obsidian, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Amethyst, Quartz and Diamond. Drawing on subjects ranging from mythology and shamanism, to history and geography, to geology and psychology, to science and spirituality, we are treated to a magnificently layered exploration of the extensive and diverse gifts that the mineral kingdom offers us.

The book is beautifully written and carefully laid out.  Passages of narrative and explanation are punctuated with exercises and meditations. In addition to teaching us about the specific stones selected, this book is a primer on how to connect with our stones and access their deepest teachings.

Nicholas is clearly a scholar and a Renaissance man. Those of us who are interested in crystals and Crystal Healing owe him thanks for taking the time to share his impressive knowledge with us, and showing leadership in this ancient, yet so new, technology of Crystal Healing.

This book is going right to the top of the books that I keep next to my bed, and I shall be dipping into it regularly, for my daily dose of learning and inspiration


Available through Amazon as both a paperback and e-book.
The Seven Archetypal Stones
Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings
By Nicholas Pearson
Destiny Books 2016

Book Review written by Vivien Schapera, May 2017