Black Tourmaline: Master Healer

This crystal message includes information about the healing properties of Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline came right out of the gate asking to be described as a “Master Healer.”

“Well, well, well,” I said, “What makes you a Master Healer?”

“Look at all the new techniques you have developed by using me,” Black Tourmaline pointed out; and I have to admit, that’s true!

This year alone, Black Tourmaline has shown me:

  • How to reduce anxiety

  • How to correct bio-electricity

  • How to protect against EMF’s

And that’s in addition to all the other talents that Black Tourmaline has. Here is one excellent reason why we should regard Black Tourmaline as a Master Healer: Black Tourmaline not only protects against negativity it transforms negative energy into positive energy.

First, a fun fact: Did you know that Black, or Schorl, Tourmaline is also known as Aphrizite?

But let’s get to the point. I said that Black Tourmaline shown me how to do some rather important things this year, and I am certainly supposed to share that info with you.

To reduce anxiety, put a piece of Black Tourmaline in one pocket, and piece of Rhodonite in your other pocket – and see what happens in the next five minutes.

Now, let’s talk about EMF’s – what are EMF’s. EMF’s are electro-magnetic fields. We all have electro-magnetic fields, but computers and our other tech devices, expose us to an excess of radiation. We are out of balance … so Black Tourmaline to the rescue. Place a piece of Black Tourmaline in your pockets and you will feel a difference.

Black Tourmaline is a “stone of balance.” It can balance our left and right brains, it can balance our emotions, it can balance our mental state. And now Black Tourmaline is explaining to me what “balance” actually means. It is explaining that we must balance ourselves in the same way as we balance scales – we must allocate the same “weight” to what we consider “opposing” or “counter-energies” in order to achieve balance, like this:

Balance work and play

Balance reason and emotion

Balance effort and rest

Too much of one, and not enough of the other, create imbalance and Black Tourmaline is our best friend when it comes to restoring balance.

The problem with each of those dynamics is “what does balance look like?” It isn’t a 50/50 deal and that’s a complexity – what should the relative proportions be? If you put in 30 minutes of effort, does that mean you should you put in 30 minutes of rest? No … it’s the amount of rest that revitalizes you correctly but doesn’t disrupt the process. Each situation can be different – and for that – Black Tourmaline to the rescue. It is as though Black Tourmaline has a counter, and can tell you when you’ve balanced the dynamic enough to go the next step … and the way that Black Tourmaline tells you, “Yes, enough, of that, you can proceed” is by the same way that you can feel when you’ve had enough to eat. Black Tourmaline can give you an internal cue of: “Stop,” when too much energy is draining away via your activity, and an internal cue of “Enough,” when you’ve topped up the tank sufficiently via being ‘inactive’ – all by having a piece of Black Tourmaline in your pocket. How great is that!

Here’s another fantastic property of Black Tourmaline – it can rebalance your bio-electricity. We have a highly electrical nature and so does Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline can redirect our bio-electricity to run N-S, the way it is supposed to.

Very soon after I discovered how to use Black Tourmaline to correct bioelectricity, I was asked to help a pregnant client because her baby was breech. I had my usual thought: “OMG, how am I going to help that!” but I have a rule that if someone is guided to ask me, then all I need to do is say: “Yes.”

Immediately on tuning in, I could tell that the mother’s bioelectricity was running E-W instead of N-S. Consequently, the baby was lying in the womb to match the bioelectricity. Using the Black Tourmaline, I adjusted the direction of electrical flow, first of the mother and then the baby. The baby began to turn, during the session. By the next morning, when Mom went for her check-up, Baby was head down and a couple of weeks later a lovely baby boy was delivered naturally without stress.

Thank you, Black Tourmaline, you are indeed a Master Healer!