Azurite – Don’t be Afraid of the Truth


Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. This is the part of the show where I, Vivien, talk to crystals and talk about crystals. Today, I’m talking to a long-time favorite of mine, Azurite. Azurite is the most astonishing, intense blue color. Perhaps this is why Azurite is one of my favorite stones – because its color is one of my favorite colors.

It’s a good thing that Azurite is so attractive because it is quite the taskmaster. When you first read what Melody has to say about Azurite, you think: “Oh, that’s fantastic!” For example, Melody says: “Azurite is known as a ‘stone of heaven.’ It stimulates the pursuit of the heavenly self, providing for guidance via the third-eye and allowing for precise verbalization of psychic experiences.” (p. 128) She then goes on to say that Azurite provides for insight into all areas of one’s life.” (p. 128) Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not so much. Here’s the rub – getting insight into all areas of one’s life is darn confronting. Yes, Azurite does do all that, and more, but at a cost – the cost of self-awareness. And in case you haven’t noticed this yet, self-awareness can be very, very demanding, plus, self-awareness comes with a big responsibility – the responsibility to do something about it.

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OK, so that’s the “insight” part. Then, there’s the “psychic” part. It seems like everyone and her aunt wants to be psychic these days. But maybe psychic isn’t really the fun that it is purported to be. Imagine being able to see, quite clearly, that your friend is about to make a really bad choice. Imagine that you can even see what’s going to happen if your friend does make that choice. You have no evidence … you “just know.” Now, what do you do? Do you tell your friend? How do you tell your friend? What do you say? Suddenly you understand the meaning of the saying “ignorance is bliss.” You are now between a rock and a hard place. If you keep quiet, and your friend makes the bad choice and many bad dynamics flow from that, will you be able to forgive yourself? If you speak up, and your friend gets mad at you, and she accuses you of being jealous, wanting to control her, and not having her best interests at heart – how will you manage that?

Azurite says I must tell you the short answer to that dilemma. The short answer is: “Use the information you perceive to formulate questions.” Let’s just say, for example, this is one of the biggest decisions of all, like marrying a manipulative man, and you can see this is going to lead to a life of misery. Patterns like that don’t come out of nowhere, there is always a trail. You can ask your friend: “Hey, why did this guy’s last relationship break up? Did you find out what happened?” and “Nobody is perfect. We all know that. So, have you identified this guy’s imperfections? What would you say they are?” Azurite also says I must share how I choose what to say, and here’s the answer to that – I ask my guides, and the stone, and the person’s higher self – what question to ask. That way I get much, much, much better questions than if I try to go it alone.

Azurite says that I must make it clear that I’m not complaining, I’m “just saying.” I have always had a special relationship with Azurite. I once bought an Azurite nodule from Mr. Beckman. Who is Mr. Beckman? Mr. Beckman was an old guy who lived in Over the Rhine in Cincinnati and had a huge mineral collection that he was selling off. My friend Barbara and I would go down to Mr. Beckman periodically to buy crystals and we gradually transported his crystals from his house to ours. After I bought the nodule, a client told me she wanted a very blue stone. I tried to dissuade her, but of course she was after my Azurite nodule. I gave in, and let her buy it from me. Quite a number of years later, I was thinking: “I wish I could have my Azurite nodule back!” Within a few days, the client contacted me “out of the blue.” I hadn’t seen her in many years, so I was a little surprised. Anyway, during her session she said: “I don’t like the Azurite that I bought from you long ago. My son took it, dropped it and it got a nick in it – and I haven’t liked it since then. Can I exchange it for something else?”

“Of course,” I said, feeling all jubilant inside. And in that way my Azurite nodule came back to me, with its nick and all. I look at it, and admire it, very often and I thank the imperfection (which I can’t even see) that caused it to be returned to me.

In Crystal Surgery, I use different stones on the third eye, depending on the client’s need. For example: If the client seems bombarded from the outside, I place Amber on the third eye to act as a filter. If the client needs to quiet her mind from the inside, I use Purple Fluorite. And when the client is “ready” to become self-insightful and take action, I use Azurite. For this purpose, I have a magnificent Azurite Sun from Australia that totally covers the third eye area and transports one into a different zone of consciousness.

When I ask Azurite what final message it wants to share with you today, it says: “Don’t be afraid of the truth. Be more afraid of lies and other falsehoods. Only the truth can take you on a productive path into the future, whereas lies and falsehoods take you into a sad maze with no exit. Truth has an objective quality, whereas lies and falsehoods are sustained by subjective beliefs. Lies require abstract psychological manipulation, but Truth can provide concrete, supportive evidence. I can help you to perceive the truth, that is my power.”

Wow, Azurite! That’s a succinct answer, and very, very useful to. So, all of you truth seekers out there, if you don’t already have a piece of Azurite, perhaps now is the time to acquire one.

Thank you, Azurite for sharing your wisdom with us. I treasure you even more now, and thank you everyone for joining us here on The Schapera Show, please join us again next month to explore this big adventure called Life.