Crystals and Stones that Help with Anxiety and Depression

Learn how to activate your favorite stone to help you with anxiety and depression, and discover a range of stones that can help elevate your mood. Vivien’s academic background is Clinical Psychology. She engages this knowledge to explain the complexities of anxiety and depression, and provide a strategic sequencing of stones that can soothe the nervous system and the emotional system, for an uplifting effect.

The 2 minerals that “seal the deal” are Rose Quartz and Citrine. However, the stage is first set by using stones for emotional and mental rebalancing: Stones for emotional balance include Bustamite, Sugilite, Orange Calcite and Rose Quartz in multiple formations. Stones for mental balance include Shungite, Seraphinite, Aquamarine, Lepidolite in Mica and Citrine. Stones for de-cording include Hemimorphite and Convoluted Sheet Quartz; Anhydrite and Epidote. Stones for anger release include Sardonyx.

Vivien is careful to point out that depression is a category of mood disorder with a wide range of manifestations, and that psychiatric depression does require qualified medical care — using these stones can be temporarily palliative and supportive only.

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Textbook: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) — available from website Contact: Via the form on the website