Amblygonite for Conflict Resolution

The healing properties of Amblygonite. When I was wondering to myself: “Who should I speak to next,” a voice said “Me, obviously!” 

“Who is “me?” I asked. “I am the mineral that addresses your biggest problem. I am Amblygonite!”

“OMG,” I responded, “You’re right!!! You are EXACTLY who I need to speak to. And why is that? Because Amblygonite helps resolve conflict — both outer conflict in the relationships around you, and inner conflict between the different parts of yourself.

Let’s start with resolving inner conflict, because that’s where we must always begin — with ourselves. For Amblygonite to give you support in resolving inner conflict, the only thing that you need to do is: put it in your pocket, or wear it, or sit and meditate while holding it. In a session, I place it under one hand, and I place Larimar, stone of serenity, under the other hand.

When I placed my hand on my big chunk of Amblygonite, which is a yellow stone with a greenish undertone, I got a very clear message that I immediately wanted to reject. I wanted to say: “It can’t be that quick,” and that’s because the message felt like yet another demand. Amblygonite says: “To resolve your inner conflict you must identify something you should STOP doing, and identify something you should START doing. And then spend a week training yourself how to honor those two dynamics.

Here’s my two: I need to STOP looking at the news every hour to check on whether the world blew up yet. See, I grew up in South Africa at a time where violence was always in our homes, and revolution was always on the horizon. Now, it feels like the whole world is in this condition. And it sucks. But Amblygonite is right. It isn’t going to help anyone or anything for me to check on the news all the time. All it is doing is triggering me, and causing me terrible, terrible inner conflict. Amblygonite wants to know: “What should you stop doing to calm your inner life?”

I need to START a better eating regimen. Since before the pandemic I have been on the “see food” diet. Yes, I have excellent, excellent excuses. And I have excellent, excellent justifications. And I have excellent, excellent reasons, but Amblygonite wants to know from me: “And how is that working for you???” And again, Amblygonite is right. It just isn’t working for me, and it’s causing me to feel terribly uncomfortable with myself. Amblygonite is exactly right because this is a specific aspect of my personal inner conflict — I hate seeing myself with these extra 20 pounds, and I hate the idea of disciplining my eating — so whichever way I go, I’m just hating something about myself. And you know what? That sucks too! 

Do I have control over the world? No.

And do I have control over myself? Sadly, I have to be honest and say “No,” to that too. 

OMG, Amblygonite is so darn right I’m regretting that I opened this conversation. And isn’t that the truth? We just want to shut down when we realize that it’s time to stop with the excuses and justifications and just put our money where our mouth is. So, I hate to do this to you, but Amblygonite want to know from you … What should you START doing?

And now that Amblygonite has depressed me and highlighted how helpless I feel, what’s next? Here’s what Amblygonite says: “You have to realize that you’re reacting to thoughts in your head, not reality. You need to change your thoughts.”

“Oh, you mean change my thoughts as in: Change my thoughts, change my life?”

“Exactly, exactly, exactly,” says Amblygonite. “If you think constructive thoughts you will feel better. But we’re not talking about imposing positive thoughts or affirmations over a bad situation, like an overlay. We’re talking about constructive thoughts that address the situation to move it in a positive direction.

“This is the problem with inner conflict,” says Amblygonite, “it holds you in a stuck position because you can’t decide which way to go. Think about the outcome that you want — look forward and envisage the positive outcome — and then choose the path, or build the path, that takes you to that outcome.”

Thank you, Amblygonite, for this very clear explanation. 

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