Red Garnet: Pushes Out Negativity


Red Garnet

Garnet is definitely one of my favorite stones, since I was a little girl and my piano teacher showed us her ring with garnets. This was no ordinary teacher, this teacher, Margaret Baird, was the wife of TV inventor, John Logie Baird – believe it or not!!! That made her famous to me, but so did her garnets, because she had found the raw stones herself one day, when playing outside.

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While we associate Rubies with the color red, Rubies actually have a pink cast, whereas Garnets are a very deep, rich red color. I tend to use Red Uvite as my red root chakra stone, but Red Uvite is both rare and expensive, so I asked Red Uvite what a good alternate stone is and it said: “Garnet, of course!” as if I was being a particularly dumb student. And it’s true, I was being a bit dumb because once I was told, I have to admit it was blatantly obvious.

But that’s not all. Red Uvite is appealing to me, because Uvite has the capacity to “pull out” negativity. Garnet on the other hand “pushes out” negativity. And as I’m talking to Garnet, it is saying: “But Vivien, not only that — Uvite comes in red, green and black … and so does Garnet. Garnet also comes in red, green and black.” Wow, what one only learns when one bothers to tune in! And now that I’ve brought this into conscious clarity, Garnet is asking me to specify that today I am talking to Red Garnet — as Green Garnet definitely deserves a conversation of its own.

As I already said, Red Garnet is a fantastic Root Chakra stone. One year, I bought a bunch of Garnets, and had Red Garnet slices made. These are very convenient to use in several ways — as a Chakra stone, definitely, and also, we hold these Garnet slices on the soles of the feet. This is a straightforward technique, easy to do, that delivers an excellent effect — namely, this opens the flow between the chakras. One of the most important dynamics in a healing session is to get the chakras to harmonize and work cooperatively. If the flow from chakra to chakra is blocked, then energy cannot flow correctly through the energy system — so the Garnet’s capacity to invite, and catalyze, this flow is very significant. I have recently been inspired to place these Garnet slices on top of the hands, during the healing session, where the stones can achieve a similar result, even whilst the practitioner is attending to other techniques and procedures.

When I ask Garnet what message it wants to give all of you, this is what Garnet says: “If you look at my shape, which is hexagonal, you will be reminded of honeycomb. Now, please go and look up why honeycomb is hexagonal.” At first, I try to argue with Garnet: “Surely there isn’t a reason — I mean it just is the way it is, right?”

“Wrong,” says Garnet. “Look it up.” So, I look up the question “Why is honeycomb hexagonal in shape?” and sure enough, an excellent answer comes up: “Circles would leave gaps in the honeycomb. Squares and triangles wouldn’t leave gaps, but the hexagon works even better. The hexagon uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight. Bees can use these hexagons to store things.” [,these%20hexagons%20to%20store%20things.]

“Yes, that is interesting,” I comment, “but what exactly is the relevance here?” To which Garnet responds: “You know you use me to restore the correct shape to the cells in the energy field? Have you not yet understood that the cells in the energy field are also hexagonal, just like honeycomb — and that this hexagonal shape is ideal because your energy field is also used for storage???”

“Storage?” I question: “Can you explain what you mean by ‘storage?’”

“Yes,” says Garnet, “you know how you talk about muscle memory and cellular memory? Those are tracks and imprints carried in the cells of the energy field. Information is filed in the cells of your physical body, and also in the cells of your energy field. Your energy field is like a library for your physical body.”

I have to be honest I had not yet put this information together for myself in quite this way, and I’m in awe of this new information coming forward. This is definitely food for thought. 

In the meantime, is there anything else Garnet wants to add? “Yes,” says Garnet, “I am one of the stones that can be found in every corner of the world. I am like blood, running through the veins of the earth. When I am red, like blood, the color is coming from iron. I am here to make you strong. I am here for everyone, and I am available to everyone.”

Well, thank you, Garnet, and thank you everyone for joining us here on The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Please join us again next month.